My musical talent takes me all over the place, I have played across this country’s best clubs and bars, and if you’ve been on the road as much as I have, you don’t get that kind of excitement a youngster might get for the road anymore, except there’s something out there on the road waiting for you.

I left something on the road once, the truth is, I met it out on the road and only left it because I couldn’t take it with me.

I would have stayed if I didn’t absolutely have to go. I think a part…

Tensions are high these days, we are constantly at the brink of war, not knowing which moments will require us to take the life of the enemy, or sacrifice ours for the greater good of the kingdom.

As a soldier, its your job to hate the enemy, more so than a civilian who could easily be in bed with a citizen from a warring nation. Love sees no color they say, perhaps love is a luxury that a soldier isn’t allowed to afford, because love cost me everything, but in return, it gave me everything.

Ethiopia has always been home…

For the “normal people” out there, the world is pretty perfect as it is. And by normal people I mean those who play very well with the status quo as it is, the people who don’t want much from life, but just love and material success, people trying to get a promotion or start a business, get married or take a trip, you know the normal stuff.

This world was built for them, they wouldn’t have it any other way, the only thing they love more than program is more of it, more shopping spree, more luxury car, shoes and…

Its been at least 12years since I’ve been in love with someone, its been that long since I’ve had that amazing feeling.

So here I am, thinking about that feeling and how much I miss it.

That’s when it occurred to me, how would I know if I’m in the love with someone so I don’t miss that special someone when they walk into my life, as a matter of fact, how will anyone know?

After thinking about it for a while, I sought to result to my memories of when I was in love, I tried to remember that…

Episode Two: The Invasion

I’ve always loved my home world, its a beautiful place to be, I have always thought it would be more beautiful than any other world out there, if there truly are, as tinkerers believe.

I loved being a grower, I felt it was the most important work in the world, us growers carry the burden of feeding the entire populace of my planet.

Although secretly I had always envied the tinkerers, some say they sit around all day in their citadel doing nothing, just a bunch of old ones sitting in circles with their hands on their jaws, but I…

Episode One..

Unlike most universes as I’ve come to learn, my universe was shrinking and quickly approaching a singularity, planets were getting sucked into their host stars, black holes were a common sight and distances between worlds had been greatly reduced, interstellar travel had become possible even without a faster than light travel.

My universe is home to many varying species, but as they vary in their appearance, so they vary in the minds and attitudes, there are those who believe in love and peace and there are those who would kill anything alien to them without a seconds thought, but the…

Nobody asked to be born, no one planned out their trip to earth.

One moment two people think they’re so in love, or can’t hold their urges any longer and then decide to penetrate each other and then nine months later, here you come.

You are born into a world that’s struggling to figure itself out, into a species that’s trying to find meaning to its existence, into a race with bad, sad, oppressed or despised history.

You instantly inherit responsibilities and embody expectations, but the sad part is, you don’t know this instantly, you’re slowly being set up for…

There are moments when the most sensational music can not elevate your soul, when the wind and the smell of fresh flowers is completely lost to you, you don’t want to feel this way but you didn’t design yourself, you’ll make it better if you could but alas, you’re fated to be this way.

I’ve heard people use the phrase “empty on the inside”, perhaps they understand their intent, but I doubt the people listening ever do.

Does anyone ever truly understand?

To truly understand, one will need to see what you see, hear what you hear and feel what…

Solipsism dictates that the only existence we can really be sure of is our own. Perhaps its true that things only exist when we are looking at them, and as soon as we look away, they seize to exist for a moment.

Perhaps I looked away too long and the most important thing to ever exist in my life simply seized to exist completely.

Maybe I’m crazy, schizophrenic even, or maybe nothing is actually real and our minds simply fills in the gaps.

Its possible its just my mind filling in all the gaps, I could be the only one…

The best thing about sex isn’t the thrusting of the perfect size penis, deep into your vagina at such speed that’s just perfect, not too fast that you miss the feeling of every inch of it on the inner walls of your vagina, or too slow that you forget get over the feeling of the last inch before you get the next one.

The best kind of sensual feeling isn’t the moment when you're curled up in his thick muscular arms, with your head on his broad block chest while you’re wondering what the ratio of his shoulder to waist…

Unoke Imhotep Solomon

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