Utopia or Dystopia?

For the “normal people” out there, the world is pretty perfect as it is. And by normal people I mean those who play very well with the status quo as it is, the people who don’t want much from life, but just love and material success, people trying to get a promotion or start a business, get married or take a trip, you know the normal stuff.

This world was built for them, they wouldn’t have it any other way, the only thing they love more than program is more of it, more shopping spree, more luxury car, shoes and cloths, you name it.

And don’t get me wrong, these things make the world bearable, tolerable.
But while its the universe for most, its nothing but trinkets for a few sect out there.

The “Not So Normal”, these group of people are looking at a total let down, a disappointment, its almost like they were promised something else before they came to life and then ended up getting the total opposite.
Its like ordering a magic wand on Craigslist and then measly twig shows up on your doorstep.

For them, just about anything else except this will be a lot better, they’ll rather be robots than conscious in this world.
They’re the ones that came out wrong, at least for the program/system.

There are usually two classes of these kind of people, people who seek a utopia and those who would rather have a dystopia.
These guys are not that different from one another, their common interest is their longings for a change or just something different in this world.

Its easy to say they have seen way too many movies and read too many fictions, but I guess you’ll probably have to say the same about H.G Wells and the other pioneers of science fiction, but they were just those with the opportunity to put their imaginations into books and movies. And many have remained silent, some even took their own lives, because they couldn’t cope.

If you’re one of the lost, the broken, not so normal, what would you rather have?

Utopia or Dystopia?

For many years, I only wanted a Utopia, I wanted a future in the stars, I wanted space and space travel.
A world where money and material possessions no longer dictated importance and worth.
Where the full potential of every living being is completed tapped, a world void of hunger and strife, a world rid of war and political clashes that leads to more blood.

A world where religion and the need for a “God” was past, where all humans regardless of the hue of their skins got along well, a world blended into one, like a hive mind but not as off putting.
A world where we all looked to the skies and asked “what’s next?”.

That’ll be a perfect world, wouldn’t it?

But as I grew older, I realised this was merely a dream, it struck me as if the cool “Normal people”, had been right all along.
I have been just a nerd.
But this wasn’t about nerd dreams and fantasies, this was about ignorance.
I had been completely ignorant.

There’s a reason our world is the way it is today, it was designed that way.
Not by some supreme being or a god, well at least not the type religious people bowed to in their places of worship.
It was the type we all bow to everyday.

Men like gods who pull the strings attached to us all, men who weild power and control over our daily lives, men who determine what we love and hate, men who tell the stories in history as it best suited them.
Not men, gods.

I realised that, as long as this was their world and it is, there is no true Utopia, believe me we could scale the distance between the stars in the close future and it still won’t be a utopia, it still wouldn’t be what it should be. They’ll have so much control that escaping this planet’s gravity will be pointless, the vastness of space could feel like the walls of a prison.

So what other choice is there, do we just give up? Tie the noose and hang off a ceiling?
Perhaps not, there’s always Dystopia.

Before you call me sick crazy, oblige me for a second.
While the Dystopia I’m talking about is a post apocalyptic one, and while I know billions of people will probably die, it is the best bet to resetting our world.
So let’s skip the death and destruction shall we.

If you’re one to fix things, if you consider yourself an innovator or inventor, then you’ll probably want a chance to make changes to what needs change.
What if you had the chance to get rid of the greed, the hate, the wars, deceits, slavery and all the human invented hardships, won’t you take it.

The only way to rebuild our world is to first, tear it down, reset the foundations with concrete materials and graciously build on it.
Otherwise our world will continue to churn out sheep and slaves as long as it profits the few on the throne.

So if I were to choose, I’ll go with Dystopia.
It’ll be hard no doubt, with no electricity, running water, good food or even medicine, but this is where knowledge comes into play, true power.
The power to make change, the true test of humanity.

Survivals would have a choice to either tear each other up, or work together, they’ll have to put away their differences and build a community.
Obviously some of these gods will remain, but it wouldn’t be their world anymore, not for those who build theirs, it’ll be chance to start over, to ensure the future is secure.

It sure sounds easy and interesting on paper, but I bet you’re thinking to yourself right now, “how the hell does he think he’ll survive an Apocalypse?”

Join me in the next article, we’ll see if a nuclear war is survivable.



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