You’re Materialistic If You Want A Relationship

This article is only a theory of mine, don’t judge it too quickly and try to keep an open mind until you get my angle.

Human wants and needs are met by material possessions, from the simplest of things like food, clothing and shelter, to jobs, money and social statuses, even to relationships and marriages.

Whatever is it that we get to possess or call our own, which then runs out with time, or which we use up or stop having either due to lack of interest or even due to our own death is material, and you’re materialistic for wanting them.
For the sake of this article, lets rule out the essential needs of a person, that is food clothing, shelter and education. However, let us focus on relationships as in boyfriends/girlfriends and marriages and whether or not they are mere want and desires or basic needs.

When you meet someone and you like them, not just because they look good or because you want to have sex with them, when you really like them or perhaps love them, you find yourself wanting them or something from them.
What exactly do you want from them?

You might have always thought that when you meet someone special to you, someone you love, you’ll marry him/her, perhaps you already did.
So if I were to ask you that question, your answer might be “ I’d want such a person to be my boyfriend/girlfriend or I’ll want to marry him/her”
If your answer is either of this, then you might be missing the real picture, the true value.

You’re missing the real picture because you want to put a label on it, to possess that person more like you’ll possess a car or a house or a car.
You want the finite material as opposed to the infinite feeling, bond and connection that comes with the love you share. You clearly want the feeling, but you more focused on the relationship that the feeling, and that's where you lose the picture.

What you need, what you both need out of each other is that special connection, that bond, not a relationship or a wedding. And this bond is infinite unlike a relationship which ends in breakup or death.
I know what you must think right now. You’re thinking I’m hugh on the pipe, because everyone knows feelings fade and love dies too, so what nonsense I’m I talking about?

Well this might be the pipe talking but hear me out, I have a theory, and this is why you’re wrong.
You’re wrong because that feeling you felt when you met that personwasn’t created by you, it also didn’t start when you met.

Here’s my thoery;

Think of the feeling like a particular flavor of ice-cream among an endless array of flavors, and you’re being served that specific flavor at this grand ice-cream tasting event, except the universe is the host.

Picture a long queue of people in line to taste an ice-cream but many will never get to have a taste, however some lucky few, you included got to taste one and if you’re lucky and open minded, could taste several different flavors in your life time.

Now remember that these ice-creams of different flavors have existed since the beginning of the universe or at least since the universe decided to go into baking, and they’ll persist long after you’re long dead and gone or even to the cold end of the universe, if it truly has one.
Think of these ice-creams as the flavors of the universe, its prized colorfulness, and you have been offered a taste.

You my friend have been given the opportunity to drink from the water of life, but you are more focused on the cup. You could taste this flavor, enjoy and savor it and probably even have the chance to taste other ones but you just want to take a piece and go home while you can stay and enjoy the party.

Remember that there is an endless array of ice-cream flavors and that you and a select few have only ever tasted that one. Also, since there is an infinite number of them, the odds of coming back to have the same one is quite slim, which is why no two love affair ever feel the same.

If you’re lucky to have been in love twice, you’d have found by now that they don’t feel alike, even if you put all your heart in it both times and never held back.
You’ll find that its not quality that’s lacking in either, but the flavors that’s just different. Every time you fall in love, you’ll find the feeling is different each time.
So the next time you find someone special, the next time you make a unique connection with anyone, no matter the nature of the bond, either involving sex or not, what you have actually found is a guide to one of the flavors.
You’ve found someone through which you get to experience another flavor, see another color, a new sauce.

So rather than distracting yourself, trying to put a label on it or trying to possess it, you should instead appreciate the opportunity and enjoy the flavor. You should feed your soul with this little piece of an eternal juice. Something that has always been and will always be.

A relationship or marriage is great no doubt, two people finding each other among this mess of a rubble called humans is definitely a beautiful thing. But while you journey through life, don’t forget to enjoy the flavors, make meaningful and beautiful connection with people you’re lucky enough to find.

Life is like a journey, but if you pick up every beautiful thing you find along the way, rocks and flowers, you’ll weigh yourself down before you get far. However, if you only stop to enjoy the beauty and then move on to the next, you’ll travel light and happy.

Enjoy life, live it, love it



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